A Texas-Based, Finance-Focused Law Firm

Forging Pathways in Finance

Kintop Smith, PC is a finance-focused boutique law firm providing transactional legal services to governmental entities, financial institutions, investment banks, and corporations involved in public finance, securities law, banking and financial services, and related transactional matters. Drawing on deep and industry-leading experience, we help our clients forge new pathways in finance with personalized, value-adding, and cost-effective services.

Working with various organizations within a variety of industries provides us with a greater depth of experience and know-how. This expertise, along with our diverse ability to see the big picture and think strategically, enables us to develop and execute nimble, successful legal solutions that align with our clients’ business objectives in a way that addresses their current concerns while anticipating future needs, risks and prospective challenges.

Kintop Smith’s mission is to help develop communities and diverse future leaders.

Industries Served:

  • Government
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Schools and Higher Education
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Health Care
  • Real Estate
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Banking/Financial Services

Kintop Smith is listed in The Bond Buyer’s Municipal Marketplace (the “Red Book”) as a nationally-recognized bond counsel firm.

For more details about the depth of our practice areas and experience, please see information about our legal services: Public Finance and Banking & Financial Services.

Build Relationships.
Deliver Legal Excellence.

We lead with our core values of building relationships and delivering legal excellence. Our approach is straight-forward: We establish meaningful relationships and seek to understand clients – who they are and what they seek to achieve.  We lead with devotion to clients, the community and the legal profession. We serve with the utmost level of integrity and professionalism. We embrace change and are eager to innovate. We are constantly learning and improving to consistently deliver legal excellence in all that we do.