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At Kintop Smith, we understand that navigating the world of public finance law is complex. We recognize that while some clients are in the market frequently, other clients are not regularly in the market. That is why we specialize in helping municipalities and other public/quasi-public entities across Texas confidently – and smartly – capitalize critical projects with custom legal solutions backed by proven expertise.

Devoted to public finance and helping build communities for the past decade, our bond attorneys have served on legal and finance teams on more than 100 transactions aggregating over $10 billion.

Project & Public Finance Law

Banking & Financial Legal Services

Experienced. Focused. Innovative.

Experienced. Focused. Innovative. Our legal team has significant experience in all aspects of public offerings of municipal securities, including serving as bond counsel, disclosure counsel, and underwriters’ counsel for various public entities involved in taxable and tax-exempt municipal financings throughout Texas. We help structure debt issuances and provide legal counsel on a broad range of local government and public finance matters.

Industries Served:

  • Government
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Airports
  • Schools and Higher Education
  • Water and Utilities
  • Health Care
  • Real Estate
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Securities Law and Disclosure
  • Banking/Financial Services

With an exclusive focus on public finance and banking/financial legal services, we offer deep subject matter expertise as well as greatly reducing any potential conflicts of interest for our clientele. As a certified minority- and woman-owned law firm, we also bring the power of cultural diversity to our approach –– delivering a diverse perspective that expands possibilities and drives innovation.

Build Your Community
With Confidence

Texas Public Finance Law